Roper: Forcing people to pay unions was theft

If VSEA does end up losing $800,000 it is only because their membership does not value what they are selling. Sorry, but no sympathy here. Fix your product or go out of business — but the days of putting the government gun to somebody’s head and picking their pockets are thankfully over.

FEMA/Public domain

Flemming: ESSEX emissions, tax parasites and poverty

Whereas two years ago environmentalists encouraged Vermont legislators to adopt a carbon tax that included an 88-cent tax per gallon of gas, they are now softening their demands to the tune of a 40-cent tax. A carbon tax that is slightly less cruel to poor Vermonters is hardly reason to support a “new and improved” carbon tax.


Roper: A modest proposal for the budget impasse

The Democrats would get the needed pay-down of pensions liabilities they want and successfully avoid the use of one-time funds for ongoing education expenses. Scott and the Republicans could legitimately claim that, when you balance the tax increase with the tax rebate check, they did not raise taxes.