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McClaughry: Reducing future school shootings

Passing more laws aimed at further restricting firearms ownership offers little prospect of preventing more gun violence, and it threatens the constitutionally protected right of self-defense by law-abiding citizens. Instead, schools need to make it difficult for an armed assault to succeed.

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Mass shootings and Vermont’s mental health system

The vast majority of mental health patients are nonviolent, and often the most vulnerable in our society. If we can’t care for them in a timely fashion, what does that say about our chances of preemptively treating the unknown violent delusional nihilist desperate for his or her 15 minutes of fame?

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Affordable drugs and human freedom vs. American federalism

Prescription drug companies have abused the complexities of federal government to isolate themselves from competition, but their situation is more precarious at the state level. So it is up to the states, like Vermont, to secure the competitive free enterprise that has been limited by a monolithic, lackadaisical federal government.

Smith: Weighing school choice in New Hampshire

SB-193 will provide tuition vouchers to New Hampshire students for use at any school (private, parochial, home, etc.) of their choosing. It’s the most expansive school choice bill we’ve seen anywhere in the country and we fully support its passage. As you might imagine, public school special interest groups are less thrilled.