Consultant team rolls out police study details on Bennington Police Department

This article by Jim Therrien originally appeared Sept. 10 in the Bennington Banner.

BENNINGTON — Consultants hired to review Bennington Police Department policies and procedures — especially concerning relationships with the community — provided an overview of the four-month study process and their expected concluding report.

Lou Varricchio/TNR

Former state representative Kiah Morris

The study had been suggested in the wake of former Rep. Kiah Morris’ decision last year to end her re-election campaign, when she and others were critical of the department for not making any arrests concerning her complaints of racially motivated harassment and threats.

A four-person team from the International Association of Chiefs of Police, which was hired in August by the Select Board, will oversee the review and assessment process.

Members said during a kickoff presentation Monday that the study will involve at least two extended visits to Bennington to gather input from residents and local groups and organizations, as well as to meet with BPD officers and local officials.

Also planned are multiple initiatives to gather comments from residents and groups and collect survey responses — both during public meetings and forums and in ways that will protect the identity of the person or group providing information or registering complaints.

One member of the study team is well known locally and in Vermont. James Baker, of Arlington, a former Vermont State Police trooper in the area and later VSP director, also has served as the Vermont Police Academy director and as police chief in Manchester and in Rutland.

Baker, one of the study’s subject matter experts, said he has also worked with the nonprofit IAPC’s executive staff at the organization’s main office in Alexandria, Virginia.

He said the nonprofit organization, with 30,000 members in 150 countries, has become a leader in the field of law enforcement review and in developing law enforcement training materials.

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2 thoughts on “Consultant team rolls out police study details on Bennington Police Department

  1. BPD is not racist. Benningtonians can blame delusional race-baiter Kiah Morris for this sixty colossal waste of time, energy and resources that will cost sixty six thousand dollars. Kiah and her husband can’t move to Brattleboro fast enough. It’s just a matter of time before Kiah and her husband accuses everyone in Brattleboro of being racists.

  2. Here we go once again.

    Not once in the entire article was mentioned the First Amendment rights issue of the right to expression of ideas and opinions. While I’m sure the idea of discrimination based solely on skin melanin content is repugnant to reasonable people, the postures in the photo indicate a chip on the shoulder attitude.

    The coverage of the events of 2016 and 2018 was sensational at best and slanted at worst. This re-hash of events with secret testimonies will serve only to stir the pot and bring it up to a simmer if not a boil, coinciding with the universal race /entitlements card being played in national elections.

    And once again attention will be diverted from the far more important issues facing us in Vermont.

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