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Keelan: Relevancy of the doctrine of laches

When it comes to folks who wish to disparage the reputation of well-known and historic figures, they may want to study a long-term concept in law known as the “doctrine of laches.” What comes to mind are the publications debasing the reputations of Norman Rockwell, the decedents of Robert Todd Lincoln, and Dr. Dorothy Canfield Fisher.

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Keelan: Regulatory fatigue has arrived

If Gov. Phil Scott, House Speaker Mitzi Johnson and Senate President Tim Ashe, as well as our congressional leaders, are sincere about curtailing regulatory fatigue, they should listen to those who on a daily basis are required to comply with the thousands of pages of regulations.

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Keelan: Displaying the American and Vermont flags

Those that are hell-bent on destroying the flag, fortunately, are few in number, but gain quite a bit of media attention when they carry out their objective — and for the media, it is news. What does not receive coverage are those businesses and residences that display the flag day in and day out.